Prenatal testing is given the highest priority at CENTOGENE

Prenatal genetic testing for all congenital and early onset diseases

Early and accurate identification of disease-causing mutations in "at-risk" families before birth. All monogenic diseases can be detected, even at the early stages of pregnancy.

  1. Prenatal Testing

Prenatal testing and diagnosis

The choice of the appropriate testing strategy and a quick response are key factors to minimize the stress. This is why CENTOGENE offers a turnaround time of seven working days for most prenatal analyses (known variants, deletion/duplication analysis, full gene sequencing) and of less than 15 working days for NGS (next generation sequencing) analyses (panels, CentoXome® Platinum and CentoGenome® Trio Fast Advanced, CentoArray®). In addition, our medical experts are always available for your support before, during and after the analysis.

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If you have any questions about prenatal testing, please feel free to

contact us

Contact us

Please contact us prior to every prenatal sample sending with the following mandatory information:

  • Logistics tracking number of sample shipment
  • Requested analysis
  • Physician's contact information

Contact details

Logistic and Communication Manager
+49 381 80113 663

All prenatal cases are specifically assigned to our dedicated prenatal team who takes the utmost individual care.  

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Starting material

  • Chorionic villi
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Fetal DNA
  • Cord blood (for late pregnancies) as possible material

You have the option to send us tubes with already cultivated cells. Alternatively, we offer CentoCulture®, our cell cultivation service.

Please always contact us prior to sending prenatal samples to prevent transport delays and to allow us to give the analysis top priority.

Please note that we charge an extra fee for prenatal analysis. 

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