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The Diagnostic Accuracy of Whole Genome Sequencing at the Price of an NGS Panel

More than 75% of our panels are available as NGS Panel Genomic. Search for your test and benefit from the highest diagnostic accuracy, fastest turnaround times (TAT) and price savings.

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NGS Panel Genomic avoids the additional costs of step wise analysis from deletion/duplication, follow up exome or genome sequencing, mitochondrial analysis, or analysis of new genes associated with the phenotype when new information surfaces.

Next generation sequencing (NGS) panels are a useful diagnostic tool when a patient’s clinical story suggests a clear genetic etiology. However, even when the right genes are selected, there remains a 30-35% risk of a negative result*. In order to reduce the chances of a ‘non-conclusive’ result, NGS panel testing can be combined with additional genetic tests. This increases the cost and time to diagnosis, and can still miss the relevant genomic region.

*Based on CENTOGENE internal data

The smart solution - NGS Panel Genomic

CENTOGENE, a pioneer in clinical whole genome sequencing (WGS) data interpretation offers you a new solution

  • Validated by highly experienced medical experts
  • Detailed assessment of clinical data
  • Rapid turnaround time < 25 business days

Why choose NGS Panel Genomic?

Higher diagnostic accuracy and utility

  • Unmatched information content (HiSeqX technology)
  • Increased coverage of the genic regions
  • Reduced PCR bias to minimize artefacts
  • Higher accuracy of detecting CNVs, complex gene rearrangements
  • Flexible panel composition that will include research genes when panel is negative
  • New information on genes when available can be revisited

Faster time to results

  • No loss of time due to step wise analyses
  • Single workflow because NGS and WGS can be requested in one go
  • Powered by whole genome sequencing, all information related to the phenotype is available in less than business 25 days
  • New information on genes will be updated and the customer informed

Significant price savings

  • Less expensive than whole genome sequencing
  • Eliminates additional costs on step wise analysis like Del/Dup, follow up WES/WGS, mitochondrial analysis, or analysis of new genes associated with the phenotype when new information surfaces
  • Reduced sequencing cost per region due to lower coverage requirement
  • Cost effective for out of pocket payment and also for healthcare structures


  • 1 sample submission
  • 1 administrative procedure
  • 1 patient consultancy with definitive diagnostic result
  • One test - One price - Complete analysis
  • Variant reclassification result (reissued medical report)

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Downloads for NGS Panel Genomic

  • NGS Panel Genomic case study 1: TSC2 - autosomal dominant Tuberous Sclerosis

  • NGS Panel Genomic case study 2: TMEM38B - Osteogenesis imperfecta type XIV


Frequently asked questions

With NGS Panel Genomic, costs savings can be considerable when initial NGS results are negative (in approximately 30-35% of patient cases).

Unlike standard NGS Panel testing, NGS Panel Genomic includes additional testing to analyse the genome in greater depth and complexity, including deletion/duplication, CNV, follow up exome or genome sequencing, mitochondrial analysis and analysis of new genes associated with the phenotype when new information surfaces.

Efficiency and accuracy is improved in NGS Panel Genomic over other NGS Panels. Current NGS panel tests need a mean coverage depth of 150-250x due to non-uniform coverage of the regions tested, otherwise important information would be missed. Average coverage must be high in order to raise difficult and poorly enriched regions above the analyzable threshold (20x).

In comparison, coverage by NGS Panel Genomic is completely uniform and a mean coverage of 30x is sufficient to cover all regions.

Additionally, NGS Panel Genomic adopts a PCR-free approach, reducing any biases, which allows accurate discrimination of bases at 10x or even lower.

Mutations are typically found in the coding regions of the genome, but can also be present outside of the gene in non-coding regulatory regions.

Traditional panel tests only target common gene and coding regions. Standard NGS panels have additional limitations, either due to design limitation or limited complexity of coverage (panel composition is fixed and CNVs or other complex mutations are omitted).

NGS Panel Genomic is a flexible panel testing service that can include the entire target region, coding and non-coding, as needed, and will also identify CNV and other complex diseases causing mutations first time.

WES only targets the coding regions of a patient’s genome, and only 90-95% of the targeted bases will be covered due to sequencing depth. NGS Panel Genomic gives 100% coverage of the entire region of interest.

Compared to classic NGS panels, NGS Panel Genomic provides the highest information content and higher accuracy, saving cost and time as no additional CNV analysis, WES or WGS is required.

In addition, the results can be revisited as new genes and mutations are identified which are linked to the patient’s phenotype with no additional testing, something not possible with standard NGS panel testing.

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