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Genetic testing of hereditary cancer with CentoCancer™

CentoCancer™ is a specific and sensitive panel including 31 carefully selected genes based on their risk potential in developing hereditary cancers.

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  1. Cancer-Risk-Related Panel CentoCancer™

CentoCancer™ – CENTOGENE's cancer-risk-related panel, for all patients with a positive family history of cancer

The correct profiling of mutations in cancer genes represents a fundamental step in the diagnosis and treatment of these malignancies. Certain mutations result in increased risk of hereditary cancer, and lead to development of different types of cancer.

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CENTOGENE now offers CentoCancer™ – a specific and sensitive panel with highly penetrant cancer genes. With this panel we would like to offer you a complete answer to achieve the best possible therapeutic approach for your patients.

Each gene in CentoCancer™ has been carefully selected based on its risk potential in the development of one of the following cancers: breast, ovarian, colorectal, gastric, bowel, endometrial, pancreatic, melanoma, renal and prostate cancer.

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Who should consider CentoCancer™ for genetic testing?

  • Affected individuals with an increased risk of hereditary cancer indicated by family history, multifocal tumor development or early onset
  • Non-affected individuals with a positive family history

CentoCancer™ addresses people with an identified cancer where the type of cancer or the family history warrant an extended NGS panel analysis, or those who have no family history, no positive anamnesis and would like to know their risk of inherited cancer.

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Strive for the most complete information

CENTOGENE's CentoCancer™ is a 31-gene panel that identifies an elevated risk of significant hereditary cancers, including breast, ovarian, gastric, colon, endometrial, prostate, pancreatic, renal, liver and skin cancer.

CentoCancer™ includes the most relevant genes: APC, ATM, BARD1, BLM, BMPR1A, BRCA1, BRCA2, BRIP1, CDH1, CDK4, CDKN2A, CHEK2, EPCAM, FH, FLCN, MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, MUTYH, NBN, NTHL1, PALB2, PMS2, POLD1, POLE, PTEN, RAD51C, RAD51D, SMAD4, STK11 and TP53.

NGS bidirectional sequencing is used for all genes in the panel, including 100% coding region (all exons), exon/intron boundaries +/-10bp, with validation for every genetic variant detected.

Breast cancer testing BRCA1/ BRCA2

By detecting cancer early, your patient will have access to preventative measures and proactive treatment – leading to an overall better prognosis.

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