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Genetic testing of hereditary breast-ovarian cancer with CentoBreast®


CentoBreast® is a comprehensive and sensitive panel with highly penetrant breast cancer genes, created for all patients with a positive family history.

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  1. Breast-Ovarian Cancer Testing with CentoBreast®

CentoBreast® – CENTOGENE's specially designed breast cancer-related panel

Breast-ovarian cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world affecting ~12.5% of women during their lifetime. Advances in genetic testing have led to the identification of numerous genes associated with inherited susceptibility to breast and/or ovarian cancer.

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What causes hereditary breast and ovarian cancer?

BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations are the most common causes of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers, but other genes are also associated with these hereditary malignancies. For example mutations in genes involved in the repair of double-stranded DNA breaks, such as ATM, BRIP1, CHEK2, PALB2 and RAD51, represent further mechanisms of hereditary carcinogenesis. In patients with a negative BRCA1 or BRCA2 result, other cancer predisposition genes may be considered and additional testing may be appropriate.

Making informed decisions on preventive actions

Genetic testing for inherited breast/ovarian cancer at CENTOGENE enables you to make informed decisions on preventive actions which can mean a better overall prognosis through a choice of surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Over the past years, we have analyzed thousands of breast-ovarian cancer patients' samples from all over the world. This medical expertise, combined with the constant optimization of our internal processes and implementation of new diagnostic techniques, gives us the opportunity to support you with an attractive new diagnostic offer for genetic testing of breast-ovarian cancers.

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Who should be considered for genetic testing with CentoBreast®?

  • Non-affected individuals with a family history of breast, ovarian, fallopian tube and/or peritoneal
  • Women with an unknown family history and with an early-onset breast cancer or ovarian cancer
  • Men with an unknown family history diagnosed with breast cancer

Family history and patient characteristics that are associated with an increased likelihood of having a harmful mutation in breast cancer-related genes include the following:

  • Breast cancer diagnosed before age 50
  • Cancer in both breasts in the same woman
  • Both breast and ovarian cancers in either the same woman or the same family
  • Multiple breast cancers
  • Two or more primary types of hereditary cancers related to breast cancer in a single family member
  • Cases of male breast cancer in the family

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The complete answer to fight against breast cancer

CentoBreast® is a comprehensive panel that is intended for genetic testing of hereditary breast-ovarian cancers caused by mutations in the genes most commonly associated with breast-ovarian cancer.

Using NGS bidirectional sequencing of the full genes from the panel, including all exons, exon/intron boundaries and promoter regions, with additional validation of the sequencing results for every detected genetic variant, we are enabling 100% mutation detection reproducibility for Sanger sequencing.


Gene(s) name

5264 CentoBreast® BRCA1, BRCA2, TP53, PTEN, STK11, CDH1, PALB2, CHEK2, ATM, NBN, BARD1, BRIP1, RAD51C 113705, 600185, 191170, 601728, 602216, 192090, 610355, 604373, 607585, 602667, 601593, 605882, 602774

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