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  1. Clinical Exome Panel


CentoDx® is our largest NGS panel available, covering over 3,200 diseases in short turnaround time.

CentoDx® focuses on the coding part of all genes associated with known clinical phenotypes. It reduces additional costs and prevents unclear results from sequencing genic regions not related to human diseases.

Why Choose CentoDx®?

Covers more than 6,500 clinically relevant genes with known associated phenotypes

Ideal for single gene disorders to complex phenotypes

Turnaround time of <30 business days

Comprehensive clinical report *

Highlights of CentoDx®

CentoDx® is a clinical exome product that includes more than 6,500 clinically relevant genes with known associated clinical phenotypes. This screening method uses boosted probes over these specific genes, which provides a more uniform and robust coverage and performance over genes of clinical interest as compared to whole exome sequencing. Around 3,800 genes within this panel have ~100% coverage in coding regions.

CentoDx® focuses on genes listed in OMIM and HGMD where a clear genotype phenotype correlation has been previously demonstrated.

High diagnostic accuracy with the fastest workflow

Why should you choose CentoDx®?

CentoXome®~20,0000≥98, ≥20x
CentoDX®~6,500≥95, ≥20x
NGS Panel Genomic~10-1,000≥95, ≥10x


* Due to our strictest application of quality criteria, we are achieving >99.9% specificity. All reported lower quality single nucleotide variants and all InDels are being confirmed by Sanger sequencing.

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