High-quality DNA extraction and cell culture service

CentoCulture® enables gentle and efficient generation of cell cultures from human skin tissue

It has been developed particularly for the cultivation of fibroblast cells from human skin biopsies, as well as for the extraction of DNA.

  1. DNA Extraction and Cell Culture Service

CentoCulture® for your DNA extraction and cell cultures

CentoCulture® a method for in vitro growing and maintaining of cells isolated from skin tissues of adults and the young. It is for cell cultivation as well as DNA extraction from cultivated skin cells (fibroblasts).

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CentoCulture® services

Selected cell analysis from a tissue biopsy is frequently indicated for investigation and confirmation of genetic disorders. Although relatively simple and non-invasive, these procedures require great care in order to increase the probability of success and to avoid patient discomfort and preventable repetitive analyses.

CentoCulture® Platinum

  • Fibroblast culture
  • DNA extraction following cell culture
  • Sending 5 µg of DNA back to the customer
  • Mycoplasma testing

CentoCulture® Gold

  • Fibroblast culture
  • DNA extraction following cell culture
  • Sending 1 µg of DNA back to the customer

Download our CentoCulture® flyer

  • CentoCulture® flyer

    Learn more about CENTOGENE´s high-quality DNA extraction and cell culture service, how to perform a skin biopsy and about the storage and transport of biopsy samples.


How to perform a skin biopsy for cultivation of fibroblasts for further genetic or biochemical analysis

Disinfect with ethanol for 30 seconds minimum five times

Perform skin biopsy with a sterile punch

Transfer the skin biopsy into a sterile 10 ml plastic tube, containing 10 ml of sterile tissue culture medium

Cover the wound by compressing or with a small hydrocolloid tape

Cultivation of fibroblasts and shipment of extracted DNA

The turnaround time from receipt of a biopsy sample to the shipment of extracted DNA to the customer is 15–28 days and depends on the growth kinetics of the cells.

Please make sure that the biopsy samples are stored and transported at room temperature and they do not arrive later than 2–3 days in our lab after the biopsy has been taken.

Send us an email to order CentoCulture®

Send the skin biopsy immediately at room temperature to the following address:

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