CentoCloud®: One-stop-solution for laboratories

For diagnostic NGS panels, clinical bioinformatics & medical interpretation

Quality medical reports demand efficient access to diagnostic bioinformatics, variant annotation, and clinical interpretation.

  1. CentoCloud® Bioinformatics Solution

What is CentoCloud®?

CentoCloud® is a service specifically designed for human genetic laboratories to support the execution of high-standard next generation sequencing diagnostics. The fully automated bioinformatics pipeline analyzes pre-produced NGS data based on CENTOGENE validated gene panel kits, annotated with data from our proprietary mutation database (CentoMD®).

What CentoCloud® offers:

Bioinformatics pipeline development and an efficient gene panel design

Workstation setup & validation - if necessary accreditation and QM

Seamless LIMS integration

Technical & medical consulting - training and mentoring in all relevant questions

Direct access to CentoMD®, the world‘s largest and best‑curated databank of rare genetic disorders

QM accredited bioinformatics pipeline

When is CentoCloud® right for your lab?

  • You outsource complex samples for NGS analysis

  • Bioinformatics analysis can’t be executed due to missing diagnostic software

  • You want to invest in a cost-effective NGS technology

  • You lack trained professionals in NGS

  • You want to build and strengthen your local NGS knowledge and capabilities

  • Your IT hardware and server administration are outdated

  • You want to implement efficient test systems with new technology

  • You want to enlarge your diagnostic portfolio

  • You are doing research but are a novice in diagnostic

  • You want to benefit from local regulation and reimbursement policies when testing is done locally

The solution: High-end bioinformatics pipeline

CentoCloud® panel options (ready-to-use)

  CentoCloud® Mendeliome CentoCloud® Oncology
Indication For multiple hereditary diseases. This includes but is not limited to: treatable diseases, early onset childhood disorders (epilepsies, mental retardation), cardiac disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, skeletal abnormalities, skin and sensory diseases For all relevant hereditary tumor predisposition syndromes including breast cancer, GI tumors, Li-Fraumeni syndrome, MEN1, MEN2, paragangliomas and others

2,382 genes, 13Mb target region (v1)
CNV analysis available

56 genes, 0.5Mb target region (v1)
CNV analysis included

Coverage* >98% targeted bases at >20x covered

>99% targeted bases at >20x covered
100% coverage of core genes BRCA1, BRCA2, TP53

Conditions Unique gene composition addressing the most relevant indications for genetic testing Hereditary cancer syndromes
Patient group Children and adults with a suspected genetic disorder Tumor patients and relatives with suspected increased risk of tumor

Processing: <5 days (2 days for prenatal option)
Medical Reporting: <2 days

Processing: <5 days
Medical Reporting: <2 days

*typical MiSeq run

CentoCloud® significantly reduces costs