Single Genes

Many genetic diseases are caused by changes or variants in a single gene. We have a most comprehensive range of tests to cover your needs.


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Single Genes

The type of test method required depends on the type of change that causes the disorder.

  • Sanger sequencing for hotspot analysis and single gene sequencing, with protocols established for more than 2,700 genes. 
  • Next generation sequencing (NGS) for single gene sequencing and NGS-based copy number variation (CNV) analysis for over 6,500 genes. 
  • Methylation assays to test for epigenetic disorders.
  • Deletion/duplication testing to identify large deletions or duplications using MLPA (multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification), qPCR (real-time polymerase chain reaction) or ddPCR (digital droplet polymerase chain reaction).  
  • Fragment length analysis (FLA) and/or repeat primed assays (RPA) to detect the extent of the repeat expansions using a capillary sequencer.  

Single gene testing is recommended for patients with

  • Distinctive clinical features  
  • Family history of a specific disorder 
  • Single gene disorders 
  • Possible epigenetic disorder 
  • Possible Triple repeat disorders 
  • Family testing confirmation 

Why Choose Our Single Gene Testing?

Conclusive clinical results following international best-practice guidelines (ACMG and CMSS)

Recommendations for follow-up analyses for specific diseases

Clinical interpretation supported by CentoMD®

Quick turnaround time

Strictest quality criteria

Easy sample submission with CentoCard®

User-friendly, online ordering and tracking with CentoPortal®

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