CentoCard® – The Easy and Simple Way for Sending Your Patients’ Samples to Us

CentoCard®, a CE-marked dried blood spot collection device developed by CENTOGENE that makes global sample logistics almost as easy as sending a postcard. Samples collected on CentoCard® are not sensitive to shipping time or temperature and they can be mailed via regular post. CentoCard® provides a single sample for complete patient diagnostics: enzyme assay, biomarker analysis and genetic testing.

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CentoCard® Is Easy To Prepare, To Ship, Is Cost-Effective and Hassle-Free

centogene centocard prepare the filtercard icon
Step 1

Prepare the filtercard

centogene centocard how to prepare sample for filtercard icon
Step 2

Transfer the blood

centogene centocard dry sample icon
Step 3

Dry the sample for two hours

centogene centocard complete sample icon
Step 4

Complete the sample

centogene centocard send filtercard icon
Step 5

Send it to CENTOGENE

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