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Centocard® management and distribution online tool for partners

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Designed for easy ordering and tracking CentoCard®

CentoPortal® Partner Services is a user-friendly, web-based ordering portal designed to assist pharma partners and distributors in logistics and tracking of CentoCard®.

Key features

  • Teams and Staff management

  • Compliant tracking and documenting

  • CentoCard® ordering and distribution

CentoPortal® Partner Services allows you to:

Track & trace the progress of processing CentoCard®

  • Manage your study in one-click
  • Conveniently trace the date CentoCard® reached CENTOGENE
  • Track if the medical report was ready and is uploaded on physician’s CentoPortal® account by CENTOGENE
  • See if the physician downloaded the medical report

Document distribution of CentoCard® to ensure traceability in a user friendly way

  • Mange your project inventory
  • Easily distribute CentoCard® within your organization or to a physician
  • Ensure traceability of CentoCard® conveniently in a structured way

Conveniently manage your team and people access

  • Always have a complete control and overview of your project team
  • Add, revoke users as needed, assign roles for controlled feature access

Order CentoCard® anytime in the easiest way

  • Quick, convenient, orders, no forms or calls
  • Get instant, online updates on the status of your orders

Get Help using the CentoPortal® Partner Services

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