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Contribute to the Transformation of Gaucher Disease Health Care

Insights to help develop treatment approaches

  • Improve the long-term and sustainable patient treatment monitoring
  • Help Gaucher specialists to drive treatment research
  • Worldwide anonymized Gaucher patient information to help Gaucher quality of life research
  • 100% consent-based, with full GDPR compliance

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myLSDapp documents your patients´ Lyso-Gb1 biomarker test results and treatment courses with easy-to-understand visuals.

Your patients can create their own disease management calendar and set up reminders.

Get a clear and simple overview of biomarker results and monitor treatment.


Maximize the outcome of patient visits and obtain real-time, detailed metrics of your patients’ quality of life from quizzes that cover pain, mood, and overall health.

By encouraging your patients to closely monitor their condition, you will have a better view of treatment efficacy.

Keep track of your patients' quality of life.


Drive forward innovative treatment methods with the only electronic database of disease progression that combines a patients´ medical and quality of life data in one simple system.

By monitoring treatment together, you and your patients are able to produce the best care possible.

Transform healthcare for Gaucher.

How it works

Register on CentoPortal®

Order one free-of-charge GAUCHER test via CentoPortal®

Login on myLSDapp physician portal using the same credentials as CentoPortal®

During treatment:
• Get a clear and simple overview of your patients´ biomarker results
• Authorize and enter physician data
• Easily track their quality of life

Download the patient flyer or send it directly to your patient if you are interested in monitoring and managing treatment together with myLSDapp services.

Download Patient Flyer

myLSDapp Service

myLSDapp provides your patient with biomarker testing and full
transparency of their medical results

  • Get a clear and simple overview of your patients´ biomarker results
  • Keep track of your patients’ quality of life
  • Transform healthcare for Gaucher

Download the app and register:

myLSDapp is currently not available in all regions.

Monitor your Patients’ Condition

Which biomarker plays a role in Gaucher disease?

Lyso-Gb1 has been identified as the most effective biomarker for Gaucher disease and can be easily measured in blood.1

Why is biomarker Lyso-GB1 important?

Continuous measurement of Lyso-Gb1 biomarker is essential when assessing Gaucher disease. Tracking Lyso-Gb1 aides in documenting disease progression and the benefit of treatment. This data makes it possible to examine the efficacy of therapy and, if necessary, to explore additional or alternative treatment methods.

Reference: 1 Arkadir, D. , Dinur, T. , Revel-Vilk, S. , Becker Cohen, M. , Cozma, C. , Hovakimyan, M. , Eichler, S. , Rolfs, A. and Zimran, A. (2018), Glucosylsphingosine is a reliable response biomarker in Gaucher disease. Am J Hematol.