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A drop of blood can change your patient’s life. Support your patients fully with accurate information and helpful advice. A definitive diagnosis can bring great relief to patients and families, especially when they have been searching for answers a long time. Our solutions go much beyond laboratory testing and medical interpretation, leveraging our biobank, our global clinical network and deep medical expertise and our proprietary CentoCard® based sample logistics.

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Our goal is the rapid medical diagnosis of inherited diseases, provided at the earliest possible moment, as we turn analytical information and insights from database intelligence into actionable results for physicians, patients and pharmaceutical partners.

Our solutions go much beyond laboratory testing and medical interpretation, leveraging our biobank, our global clinical network and deep medical expertise and our proprietary CentoCard® based sample logistics. But our state-of-the-art genetic and biomarker testing remains the core of what we do. Learn what we do in our operations, and what our global quality standards and accreditations are.


Expert medical consultation

Advanced logistical solutions from sample sending to report administration

Global genotype-phenotype database for rare diseases CentoMD®

Short turnaround time and fast reporting

We Believe in Genetic Testing

We are dedicated to provide the complete spectrum of genetic, biochemical and biomarker analyses.

Our commitment is to convert diagnostic data rapidly into the best solution for each individual patient. With the highest quality in medical interpretation, maintained by CentoMD®, our extensive mutation database for rare diseases, and global data sources, we continuously develop new and innovative products in molecular diagnostics. Combined with our online ordering platform CentoPortal® and convenient sample collection solution CentoCard®, we offer a comprehensive and convenient genetic testing service.

The user-friendly, online ordering and tracking portal.

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The world´s largest mutation database of rare diseases.

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Diagnostic Services

CentoGenome® – our whole genome sequencing service – identifies almost all changes in a patient’s DNA by sequencing both the entire coding and non-coding regions of the genome. CentoGenome® is the most complete solution to diagnose genetically complex and undiagnosed cases with the highest level of certainty.

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CentoXome® – our whole exome sequencing service – provides information on all protein-coding genes and identifies changes in DNA by focusing on the exome. CentoXome® is a cost-effective solution to diagnose genetically complex and undiagnosed cases with high diagnostic yield.

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Our NGS panels test for a wide selection of hereditary genetic conditions. They offer a fast, thorough, and cost-effective diagnosis for patients with distinctive clinical features. The gene composition of our panels is carefully selected by our specialists based on latest publically-available information and our in-house expertise and research.

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Many genetic diseases are known to be caused by changes or variants in a single gene. At CENTOGENE, we provide the most comprehensive range of diagnostic tests for a broad spectrum of single-gene disorders.

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Combining information from genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics to drive early diagnosis, prediction, and therapeutic monitoring.

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CentoLCV - our affordable whole genome sequencing-based copy number variation analysis - enables detection of large copy number variations with higher sensitivity and resolution throughout the whole genome than conventional tests using karyotyping or microarrays.

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Reproductive Testing

Prenatal testing allows for the sensitive identification of disease-causing mutations in at-risk families before birth and is offered for diseases with congenital or early-onset. Prenatal testing is given the highest priority at CENTOGENE.

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CentoScreen® is our carrier testing option that helps asses if a healthy person is a carrier of a recessive genetic disease and can help partners make informed decisions and choices regarding family planning.

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CentoNIPT® – our non-invasive prenatal testing – screens for the most common fetal chromosomal abnormalities. Our test combines the latest next generation sequencing technology with expert medical reporting.

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Note: CentoNIPT® is unavailable in the US.

Selected Products

CentoMetabolic® a panel that integrates genetic and biochemical testing for a fast diagnosis of a wide range of rare metabolic diseases.

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CentoICU®  is designed to diagnose genetic conditions that become present in the newborn or early childhood period. Many of these have overlapping phenotypes and diagnosis may have immediate implications for the treatment of newborns and children.

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Our medical and genetic experts can help determine which genetic testing is right to analyze if your patient has an increased risk for hereditary cancer.

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Somatic mutation testing is of enormous help for survival and life-quality of cancer-affected patients and their families. Discover our oncogenetic panels and detect the most common cancer causing mutations.

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CentoMito® helps to identify mitochondrial diseases to determine possible treatments and to suggest the best fitting therapy.

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Additional Services

CentoArrayCyto® - our chromosomal microarray analysis solution – enables genome-wide detection of large copy number variations and of large blocks of homozygosity, which may represent uniparental disomy.

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Supports the execution of high-standard next generation sequencing diagnostics for human genetic laboratories. 

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