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Sharing our genetic and medical expertise with our partners worldwide.

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Cooperating with Partners Globally

Active in over 115 countries, we combine our genetic and medical expertise with the local market knowledge of our international partners.

CENTOGENE is proud to be actively involved in supporting education on genetic testing, and the profoundly positive impact it can on patients when it allows them to receive a diagnosis, particularly at the early stages of disease onset.

Amarey Nova Medical Group

Amarey Nova Medical Group (Amarey) is a well-established distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and devices, with more than 30 years’ experience in the Colombian market. The strategic alliance with Amarey will enable both partners:

  • To bring the benefits of early and comprehensive diagnosis of hereditary diseases to the Colombian population
  • To bring patients closer to proper diagnosis and effective treatment.

Clinic of Reproductive Health NADIYA

Clinic of Reproductive Health NADIYA is a founder of the modern reproductive medicine in Ukraine and working in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. The main aspects of the clinic’s activity:

  • Reproductive technologies
  • Prenatal diagnostics
  • Obstetrics and gynecology

Farmacia Diagnostica

Institute of Healthcare Diagnostic Farmacia Diagnostica is a center providing clinical diagnostic services in Serbia.

Genetiks Turkey

Genetiks was founded in 2006 to implement developments in the field of genetics concurrently with the world, and address unmet patient needs for genetic testing. It also aims to:

  • Provide qualified and reliable services for pre-natal and post-natal testing by its professional staff, with significant experience in preimplantation genetic diagnosis, oncology, and pharmacogenetic tests
  • Consistently progress with research and development in these fields

Kasturba Medical College & Hospital (KMC)

KMC Manipal is one of the most prestigious and premier medical colleges and hospitals in India and has consistently been ranked among the top 10 medical colleges in India. Today, students from 44 countries have graduated from KMC, and the medical degree (MBBS) is recognized worldwide, including by the General Medical Council, ECFMG, Australian Medical Council and Malaysian Medical Council among several others.

Kharkov Specialized Center of Medical Genetics

Center of Medical Genetics within University Hospital of Kharkov specialized in helping population from different areas in Ukraine.

MikroGen Turkey

Mikrogen Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory was established in Turkey in 2005 (accredited with ISO) with a vision to become a leading corporation (Mikrogen Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center) at the national and international level with regard health care services, covering:

  • Reproductive genetics, using both molecular and cytogenetic tests (accredited by the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN)), pre-implantation, pre- and post–natal genetic testing
  • Modern and reliable health care services aiming to address the needs of its patients, and increase public awareness while conducting research and sharing knowledge with other practitioners

Perfect Lab

Perfect Lab is a chain of diagnostic and chemical laboratories in Bulgaria.

  • Providing clinical diagnostic services
  • Chemical analysis

Pronto Diagnostics Israel

Pronto Diagnostics is a leading provider of molecular diagnostic products and services in Israel. Established in 1993, the company now operates two business units:

  • Providing genetic sequencing services using their own laboratory, and partnering with leading labs from Europe and the US to all local clients- HMOs, hospitals, private customers and pharma companies.
  • Representing and distributing a variety of technologies from leading companies in the field of genetic and molecular diagnostics.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital India

The Centre of Medical Genetics (CMG) was established at New Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in 1997, and has now become a leading centre for genetic services in India and for patients in neighboring countries (such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka). A group of specialists under the guidance of Dr I. C. Verma continuously strive for:

  • Excellence in counseling, management, testing and prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders
  • Generating new knowledge in the field of genetic disorders in India, as well as educating clinicians in this rapidly evolving field of genetics