Coronavirus Testing at CENTOGENE: The Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

You’ll find important information about coronavirus testing at CENTOGENE here: We will answer all your questions about SARS-CoV-2 PCR and antigen tests.


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Information on the Coronavirus Test

The Corona Test Center at Rostocker Hof is permanently closed.

You have the possibility to get a PCR-test in our partner Test Center: Apotheke Holzhalbinsel, Gaffelschonerweg 14, 18055 Rostock.

You have to register online in advance in our test portal, purchase the test online there and book an appointment.

You will receive the test result within 24 hours*, the price is 69€.

You can find out about the current testing times on our partner's website.

*In more than 95% of the cases, results are available within the specified time after sample collection.

Note: If you are experiencing symptoms and need a coronavirus test, please contact your doctor or call 116 117 (non-emergency on-call services). Further information on test offers in Rostock

According to a recent study, the antigen detection methods used by CENTOGENE show a sensitivity of >90%. The sensitivity indicates to what percentage a test detects an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in individuals who are actually infected with COVID-19. The study refers to the test results of 35 000 air travellers at various German airports. More information

Currently, CENTOGENE does not offer antibody tests.

Currently we offer PCR tests and antigen tests. Please be advised that we do not provide consultation on the current testing requirements for your trip abroad by telephone or e-mail. Current information on the entry requirements of your respective destination country can be obtained from the responsible health authorities, embassies and on the website of the Robert Koch Institute:

Travel Information by the German Federal Foreign Office
Travel Information by the European Union
Travel Information by the U.S. Department of State
International high-risk areas according to the Robert Koch Institute

Also, please check with your travel provider or the relevant airline for further current entry requirements. We would like to point out that we cannot take any responsibility for the recognition of the test. Therefore please inform yourself in a timely manner whether the test is sufficient for the desired purpose.

Yes, the CENTOGENE tests are suitable for children of any age group. Of course, we are aware that the swab test is a rather sensitive procedure that requires special empathy on the part of the parents or guardians. To avoid unnecessary tests we recommend that you check with the relevant authorities to find out at which age it is necessary to test children.

CENTOGENE does not offer rapid antigen testing.

The difference lies within the method the sample is collected. For the nasal swab, the test stick is inserted through the nose into the nasopharynx. There, at the posterior pharyngeal wall, the sample material is being taken.

For the throat swab, the test stick is inserted through the mouth to behind the uvula, where the material will be taken.

For the majority, the throat swab is easier to tolerate.

We currently also offer saliva tests, which are specifically required for entry into Japan.

Corona Test Portal

You need an email address for registration. Go to and click on “Create Account.” Enter your email address and choose a password. You will then receive a confirmation email: Go to your email inbox and click on the link in the email. You will automatically be redirected to the Corona Test Portal homepage. You can then log in with your email address and password and can complete your profile.

You will find instructions on how to set up an email address here.

We generally recommend that you register for the Corona Test Portal before your visit to the Test Center. This way you can avoid waiting times and keep your visit to the Test Center as short as possible.

We generally recommend that you use two-step verification as it is an additional security feature to protect your personal data. If you still prefer not to use it then please send a deactivation request to corona(at)centogene(dot)com.

Once you have not used your account for at least three months your personal data will be automatically deleted.

If you would like the data to be deleted sooner, send a delete request to dataprivacy(at)centogene(dot)com from the email address that you used to register on the Corona Test Portal. Before deleting your account, please save any potentially needed reports on your personal smartphone or PC.

No, an email address can only be used once. If you want to use several accounts please use a unique email address for each account.

The account you create is only for you personally and cannot be used for relatives - except for children and persons of whom you are the legal guardian.

If you want to delete a person from your account choose “Remove person” in account management. Please be aware that all previous test results for this person will be permanently deleted.

Appointment & Booking

For some of our test offers slot booking is mandatory in the Corona Test Portal. Please check if you need to book an appointment at your test center.
Please note that due to the gradual closure of our Corona Test Centers until 28.02.2022, you can book only appointments within the displayed time frames. If no further appointments are shown in the Portal, testing beyond this point of time is no longer possible on site.

You can find all information about the CENTOGENE Corona Test Centers online at Please select the Test Center of your choice and look for “Opening Hours.”

The ID check is the notation of your identification data, including your passport number/travel document data, on your report.

For including your identification data on your report, please book the option ID check in the Corona Test Portal: 

It can be acquired for free while purchasing the test of your choice. This ensures that your current test result can be recognized exclusively as yours.

Please note that you must present your original valid passport or ID card for this service. A copy cannot be accepted. If the identity check is desired, it must be booked when purchasing the test; it cannot be added later.



You have not had your test a Corona Test Center, nor has your sample been picked up after a self-swab.

You can cancel within 14 days of the order in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Cancellation process

To cancel your order, use the cancellation function on the Corona Test Portal: Sign in with your login data and choose "My orders" in the menu on the right. Select the test you wish to cancel and click the "Cancel" button. The refund will automatically be issued through the payment method used for the purchase.

Alternatively, or if this option is not available to you, please send an email giving your personal ID to widerruf(at)centogene(dot)com. Please use the same email address you have used for registration.

The Corona Test Portal will be available to you until 13.03.2022. We recommend that you download any documents required by then ahead of time.

When booking online through you can pay by credit card, PayPal, or EC card.

At the Test Centers you can pay by credit card or EC card, and some Test Centers also accept cash payment. You will find further details on each Test Center’s website, via

Your credit card may also be used for another person´s purchase using a different account.

Your card payment may have been declined for various reasons. Please ask your payment provider why a payment was not possible for this transaction.

Test Result & Report

The Corona Test Portal will be available to you until 13.03.2022. We recommend that you download any documents required by then ahead of time.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC) is required or travelling within Europe since 01 July 2021. Reports with negative test results from CENTOGENE automatically receive the EUDCC when they are uploaded to the Corona-Warn-App. To upload your report to the app, scan the QR code on the report with your mobile device. Please enquire about the entry requirements of your travel destination before your trip. 

If you use the luca App or the Corona-Warn-App on your mobile device, you can conveniently manage reports digitally and easily carry them with you. Toy upload your report to the apps, scan the QR code on the report. If you experience difficulties uploading the report, please restart your mobile device and try again.

The time until you receive your test result depends on the test you booked. You can find detailed information about this on the website of the respective Test Center. As soon as your test result is available you will receive an email with the link to the Corona Test Portal. Log in with your email address and password in order to view your test result. The report with your test result is available in German and English. It can be downloaded and printed.

You can download and print your report and test result as a PDF document via the Corona Test Portal. To do so, click on the date of the test under “Current Tests” for the report you need.

Then click on the red button that says “Show final report.” You can save and print the PDF document that opens. 

If you require the report in a different language, choose the required language under “Report Language.”
Then click on “Show final report.” The report will then be shown in the chosen language and you can save and print it. 

Currently the reports for all test methods are available in German and English. Changing the report language is available free of charge.

Please understand that we are unable to send test results via email due to security reasons. The report can be viewed and printed within the Corona Test Portal.

Please obtain up-to-date information from the relevant authorities, e.g. health offices, embassies or your travel or airline company.

Important: Please be aware when planning your trip that the validity of your test result starts at the time the sample is taken.


Your ID-/passport data will not be included in your report, as this requires an identity check.


Monday through Friday, you can choose between the time slots 10.00 a.m.–1.30 p.m. and 12.00 p.m.–4.00 p.m.

The CentoKit-19™ is no longer available for purchase. Please note the latest possible date for sample pick-up and transport to the laboratory is Friday, 11.02.2022.

As our CentoKit-19™ is a medical device, please do not use it for prolonged storage. Please refer to the label on the packaging for the shelf life information of the test stick (CentoSwab™) used for the swab. The latest possible date for sample pick-up and transport to the laboratory is Friday, 11.02.2022.