Rare Disease Day at CENTOGENE

Join us in celebrating ‘Rare Disease Day’ every February, to help raise awareness and build community for all those affected by rare genetic diseases.

  1. Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day at CENTOGENE

Rare Disease Day is celebrated around the world every last day of February with the objective of raising awareness amongst the general public and decision-makers about rare diseases and their impact on patients' lives. CENTOGENE is marking the 13th International Rare Disease Day on 29 February 2020 with simultaneous events in Lahore/Pakistan, Berlin and Mexico City.

In Pakistan, we see the immense pressure that rare diseases can have on societies. Patients are joining in Lahore spotlighting the diagnostic odyssey, the diagnostic challenges they are facing as well as the individual burden and partially tragedy.  In Mexico, patient organizations from all over Latin America come together to show the impressive impact that patients themselves can have in bringing about changes. In Berlin, we listen to patients and discuss where the solutions may lay, followed by an exquisite cultural program featuring rare artistic and musical talents.

We look forward to being part of the global community on RDD2020 and shining a spotlight on rare diseases – increasing public knowledge, while encouraging new partnerships and supporting researchers and decision makers to address the needs of those living with rare diseases.

International Rare Disease Day Festival Berlin 2021 - Kick Off

In Berlin, CENTOGENE also celebrates the International Rare Disease Day with a Kick Off to the International Rare Disease Film Festival Berlin. We invite artists, filmmakers, directors, and authors to participate in the inaugural International Rare Disease Film Festival Berlin on 28 Feb. 2021. The aim is to increase awareness of the challenges that those living with rare diseases face. We hope to showcase work focusing on various rare diseases from diverse points of view. The multitude of our patients' lives should be expressed in films and documentaries of all genres.

RDFF 2021

Rare Disease Day 2020 Berlin