Rare Disease Day at CENTOGENE

Join us in celebrating ‘Rare Disease Day’ every February, to help raise awareness and build community for all those affected by rare genetic diseases.

  1. Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day at CENTOGENE

Rare Disease Day is celebrated around the world every February with the objective of raising awareness amongst the general public and decision-makers about rare diseases and their impact on patients' lives. This year’s Rare Disease Day is focused on ‘Bridging health and social care’, to enhance the coordination between the care services to tackle all challenges people with a rare diseases have to deal with every day.

Throughout the month of February, CENTOGENE enhanced the visibility of rare diseases with activities that included a Facebook campaign to gather and share insightful patient stories to help educate and raise awareness, employee training events at our HQ in Rostock, and via LinkedIn and Facebook highlighting a different rare disease every day.

We also hosted a Patient Advocacy event February 20st to February 21st in Rostock, which included international guest speakers to discuss collaboration around patient advocacy. During the two days we discussed ideas, exchanged perspectives, and shared personal rare disease stories; ultimately the event paved the way for new partnerships to increase collaborations and generate further hope for rare disease patients.