CENTOGENE recognizes its social obligation and is undertaking active and initiates or supports projects for an early engagement and integrated communication with all people dealing with rare diseases.

  1. Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibility at CENTOGENE

We are commited to our social responsibility and we raise our voice together with patients, their families and patient advocacy groups to educate and increase awareness of rare diseases that are often not so rare as expected.

Rare Disease Day

Each February we celebrate the worldwide ‘Rare Disease Day’ with a local event and support different activities globally.

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Scholarship at the University of Rostock

The "Deutschlandstipendium" is a scholarship to support gifted and talented students enrolled at German universities.

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Charity testing program

We are dedicated to offering the greatest medical benefit to every patient. Our charity program supports patients worldwide who can’t afford genetic testing.

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Support patient advocacy

We help you find the most appropriate patient organizations worldwide to guide you through rare diseases and to find individual assistance.

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