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Prenatal Diagnosis

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Prenatal testing is given the highest priority at Centogene. We offer prenatal testing for all diseases with congenital or early onset.
Prenatal diagnosis allows for the sensitive identification of disease causing mutations in at risk families
before birth.  All monogenic diseases can be detected at an early state of pregnancy.
The choice of the appropriate testing strategy and a quick response are key factors to minimize the stress. This is why Centogene offers you turnaround-times of 7 days for all prenatal analyses (NGS panels in the mean 14 days) and personal communication with our medical experts who are always available for counseling before and after the test.

Starting from

  • chorionic villi
  • amniotic fluid
  • fetal DNA

You have the option to send us tubes with already cultivated cells. Alternatively, we would be happy to cultivate them for you. Please contact us prior to sending prenatal samples to prevent transport delays and to allow us to give the analysis top priority.

We offer prompt prenatal screening for a large panel of genetic conditions, mainly in the areas of:

  • neurogenetics
  • metabolic diseases, cardiogenetics, deafness and ophthalmology

Please provide the responsible physician's name, telephone number, fax or email for all parcels. This ensures that we will be able to contact the correct person in case further enquiries are needed. For all prenatal requests, please also note the degree of urgency with which an analysis needs to be carried out. The turn-around time is strict, with 7 days (panels 14 days). 

For NGS panels, please contact us prior to sending sample.

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Please note that we charge an extra fee for prenatal analysis.


Please note: Prenatal testing is not offered in the US.

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