Breast Cancer Testing at Centogene

The Sanger Full Gene Sequencing for an Early Cancer Diagnostic

Not all cancers are hereditary, but all cancers arise from changes in genes. About 5-10% of patients with breast and/or ovarian cancer carry a mutation in the BRCA 1/2 genes.
For those that carry a mutation in one of these two genes, the lifetime risk of developing cancer caused by a BRCA 1/2 mutation is 50-85%.
The critical goal is to detect cancer early and to give you the opportunity to maximize health outcomes for your patients. Genetic testing for the BRCA1/2 genes at CENTOGENE enables you to make informed decisions since early diagnosis can mean a better overall prognosis through a choice of surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

We have analyzed over the past years thousands of BRCA patient's samples from all over the world. This medical expertise, combined with the constant optimization of our internal processes and implementation of new diagnostic techniques, gives us the opportunity to support you with an attractive diagnostic offer for Sanger full gene sequencing of the BRCA1/2 genes at a price of 850 EUR.

For patients who are BRCA1/2 negative, we offer an alternative complex gene panels which includes genes also linked to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

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