Extended management board

  1. Extended management board

Extended management board

Robert W. de Deugd

Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

Robert executes the position as Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing. He has a broad international B2B, B2G and B2C experience from various industries in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. His leadership background includes Public and Private held companies in ...


... business segments such as Healthcare, Industry and Consumer.

Roles have included executive leadership of large-scale geographies, management of countries and market clusters around the world as well as sales/service/rental/manufacturing operations. International experience includes growing business in highly competitive developed markets, geographic expansion and business development in emerging markets, portfolio management and restructuring and turnaround tasks.

Robert brings extended experience on global strategy implementation and Go-To-Market Planning with execution through local sales organizations or via indirect channel management in partnership with GPO´s, dealers and distributors. He has lived and worked abroad in countries in Europe and Asia which exposed him to a wide diversity of cultural dynamics, practices and experiences.

Robert has a General Management and Commercial background with Business Economics studies and further academic development through Executive Learning & Development programs at Harvard Business School in Boston, Institute of Management in Bangalore, Chalmers University in Gothenburg and Copenhagen Business School.

Robert started his professional career with the Special Forces of the Royal Dutch Marines and spent about 15 years with Danish Nilfisk A/S and acquired companies in the highly competitive Cleaning Equipment Industry. Since 2006 he has worked in Healthcare and Medical Technologies for Swedish Getinge AB. Robert has more than 20 years of international experience from many different markets and has held senior positions in Europe and Asia. 

Michael Dost

Senior Director IT Operations

Michael serves as the Senior Director, IT Operations at CENTOGENE. He has a broad experience in transforming and improving IT services as well as optimizing infrastructure and applications towards an innovative and stable design. Michael has more than 20 years of experience also in international leadership roles.


He previously directed an IT stabilization program and led IT Operations at Bombardier Transportation transforming from single outsourcing into a controlled multiple vendor strategy. Prior, he worked at BMW for almost a decade including the BMW- Brilliance joint venture in China where he enabled the IT organization to cope with aggressive business growth in his role as Manager of IT Application Operations. Michael started his career with software development and running projects in startup and midsize companies. He studied business informatics at the DH Ravensburg and holds a Dipl.-Wirtsch.- Inf. (BA). 

Frank Volpers

Vice President Legal

Frank joined CENTOGENE in May 2015 as head of our legal and human resources departments. His responsibilities will focus on providing support for both senior management and the sales team, regarding all daily legal and contractual issues. Frank first studied media technologies at the Technical University of Ilmenau ...


and graduated as a certified engineer (Dipl.-Ing.). He then went on to study law at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg and the Willamette University in Oregon. After successful completion of his trainee period with the Higher Regional Court in Hamburg, he worked for two international law firms. Frank is experienced in  private and commercial law, particularly with regard to contracts, but also has in-depth working knowledge of corporate and intellectual property law and international transactions.

Florian Vogel

Vice President NGS Processing and Method Development

Florian serves as the Vice President NGS Processing & Method Development at CENTOGENE. He has broad experience in product development and streamlining of workflows for genetically based methods enabling highest quality as well as high throughput testing. Florian has more than 10 years know-how in molecular ...


genetic assay design and international leadership in various industry sections.

Florian previously  implemented a genetic quality control division in a biotech company (Euroferm GmbH) and build up a biosafety level 2 group for vaccine vector production. Prior to that he was living in South Korea to set up a local German branch university and labs for chemical- and bioengineering as Head of White Biotechnology department including lab build out and starting industry collaborations.

Florian focused in the beginning of his career on virus resistance and harvest index modification in model plants and crops in academic research before switching to industry. He studied Biology (Diploma) at the university of Erlangen-Nürnberg and received his doctoral degree in Molecular Biology with summa cum laude.

Claudia Cozma

Vice President High Throughput Testing & Biomarker Development

Dr. Claudia Cozma is the Vice President of the High Throughput Testing & Biomarker Development Department within CENTOGENE AG, Rostock (Germany) responsible for the screening of patients with specific rare diseases, mostly lysosomal storage diseases. She has worked at Centogene, since 2014 leading the development, validation ...


and implementation of over 25 new dried blood spots (DBS) based biochemical tests, including enzymatic tests for lysosomal storage diseases and biomarker identification for rare diseases.

She finished her studies in Biochemistry and Ecology in Romania and has a Masters in Biotechnology. She completed her PhD in Analytical Chemistry at Konstanz University, Germany on the mass spectrometric structural studies of antibodies, namely epitope-paratope determination of polyclonal antibodies with application in Alzheimer Disease. She has experience in different mass spectrometric techniques such as MALDI-ToF MS, MALDI-qToF MS, ESI-FT-ICR MS, MALDI-FT-ICR MS, ESI-ion trap MS, ESI-Orbitrap MS, ESI-TQ MS, ESI-IM-QToF, ETD-QToF as well as hybrid techniques such as affinity-MS, biosensor-MS, microchip-MS with application in proteomics, peptidomics, and metabolomics.

Her current research focus lies on development of new biomarkers for rare disease, including small metabolites, oligo-biopolymers and proteins; and development of new assays for the diagnosis of rare diseases using liquid chromatography ion mobility high resolution mass spectrometry platform on DBS technology. She oversees the implementation and validation of newly developed methods according with CAP/CLIA standards in the laboratory practice.