Extended management board

  1. Extended Management Board

Shivendra Kishore, PhD

Senior Vice President Diagnostic Process Operations

Shivendra Kishore has a multi-disciplinary background that combines biochemical engineering, academic research and healthcare consulting that he pursued in several countries across the world including India, Germany, USA and Switzerland.


Shivendra holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology from IIT Delhi, India. He subsequently moved to Germany, where he obtained his PhD in non-coding RNAs involved in genetic abnormalities. His postdoctoral work was performed in labs across USA, Germany, and Switzerland, where he focused on alternative splicing, transcription, RNA binding proteins, small non-coding RNAs, cancer specific recombination hot spots in cancer genomes utilizing single gene models and also transcriptome wide analysis using high throughput sequencing. Shivendra subsequently forayed into healthcare consulting, working in Basel, Switzerland with a focus on market access and pricing.

Shivendra joined CENTOGENE in May 2013 as a Senior Director of New Technologies. His team was responsible for establishing new systems, assessing and implementing new emerging platforms related to all diagnostics tests offered by CENTOGENE. Since August 2016, Shivendra moved into the role of SVP Diagnostics Process Operations to streamline lab processes in order to reduce turnaround times, increase diagnostics accuracies and to make tests more cost effective for all patients we serve.

Wilfred van der Maas

Senior Vice President Finance & Administration

Wilfred studied economics and law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and graduated as a Dutch Certified Public Auditor. After finishing his studies, He worked as an auditor at KPMG and Deloitte, for almost 12 years. During this time he served a broad variety of clients in...


... auditor and advisor. After leaving Deloitte, in his position as senior manager, he worked as a contractor, in the position of finance manager, and ran several finance projects for (international) companies within the Netherlands. Wilfred brings extended knowledge and experiences on international accounting, tax, risk management, merger & acquisitions and business (finance) structures topics to CENTOGENE.

Ellen Karges, MS, HT(ASCP), QIHC

Senior Director of Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance

Ellen joined the CENTOGENE team in Sep. 2012. Prior to CENTOGENE, she worked over 30 years in the healthcare/research sector as Director of Laboratories in the US, specializing in pathology.


Quality is the building foundation of CENTOGENE. While maintaining multiple international accreditations, we secure the highest level of quality for our patients, customers and employees.

Sabrina Eichler, PhD

Senior Director HTS

Sabrina joined CENTOGENE in 2011 and gained extensive experience in interpretation of genetic results. She then became Head and Director of the HTS (High Throughput Screening) department of CENTOGENE.


Sabrina is responsible for the workflow processes for analyzing hundreds of thousands samples per year. She now serves as Senior Director HTS and is member of the extended management board. Sabrina started her career as PhD student at the MDC Berlin, after receiving her Diploma in Biochmestry at the University of Potsdam. Her theses covered the theme “RNA-Editing and Hyperexcitability disorders group”.

Frank Volpers, Dipl.-Ing., LL.B.

Senior Director Legal & Human Resources

Frank joined CENTOGENE in May 2015 as head of our legal and human resources departments. His responsibilities will focus on providing support for both senior management and the sales team, regarding all daily legal and contractual issues.


Frank first studied media technologies at the Technical University of Ilmenau and graduated as a certified engineer (Dipl.-Ing.).

He then went on to study law at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg and the Willamette University in Oregon. After successful completion of his trainee period with the Higher Regional Court in Hamburg, he worked for two international law firms.

Frank is experienced in private and commercial law, particularly with regard to contracts, but also has in-depth working knowledge of corporate and intellectual property law and international transactions.

Folker Folkens, Dipl.-Wirt.-Inform.

Director IT Governance & Operations

Today, IT forms the integral part of any company’s day-to-day operations. Guidance and steering IT as well as running of IT production at CENTOGENE are amongst Folker’s main responsibilities. His goal is to help CENTOGENE utilize the latest in IT methods,...


...technology and global corporate markets, both as refined processes while at the same time managing and ensuring the smooth running of daily IT Operation.

Folker came to CENTOGENE from BHF-BANK where he was responsible for IT-Management division, including IT-Operations, Service-Management, Provider-Management as well as Infrastructure-Architecture. Former positions as a Manager IT-Strategy at zeb, a reputed Management Consulting Company in the Finance Sector and as a Project Leader at CSC, IT Consulting, complete his expertise.