Executive board

  1. Executive Board

Prof. Arndt Rolfs, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Arndt, founder of CENTOGENE, serves as CEO, bringing in extensive medical and scientific expertise. He is Professor for Neurology at the University of Rostock, Germany and Director of the Albrecht-Kossel-Institute for Neuroregeneration.


Arndt received his approbation (German official license to practice as a doctor) for human medicine from the Universities of Mainz and Vienna in 1985, and was granted a tenure track professorship for clinical neurology in 1997. He worked at the Department of Neurology and served as head of the Laboratory for Neurochemistry at the Free University of Berlin, at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics and at the psychiatric clinic of the University Hospital Rudolf-Virchow in Berlin. Since 1998 he has been the Head of the Neurobiological Research Laboratory and Vice-Director of the Neurological clinic and outpatients department at the University of Rostock. In 2008, Arndt was appointed Director of the Albrecht-Kossel-Institute for Neuroregeneration at the University of Rostock.

Arndt is a principal investigator of several international multicenter studies in the area of rare diseases, including the Sifap project (www.sifap.eu), the world's largest study in young stroke patients related to Fabry disease, several biomarker studies (e.g. BioGaucher, BioHunter, BioMorquio) and epidemiological studies in neurogenetic aetiologies. Arndt has an extensive track record in medical and scientific publications, acts as a consultant for international biotech and industrial companies, and is also a consultant for the EMA and FDA. Arndt is co-founder of the biotech companies Arcensus AG and Genebanking, and is a major shareholder of CENTOGENE.

Prof. Peter Bauer, MD

Chief Scientific Officer

Peter serves as CSO, combining clinical and medical understanding in genetic testing with an excellent knowledge of the latest scientific developments, based on his extraordinary experience, especially in high-throughput genetic testing ...


... using next-generation sequencing.

Peter is passionate about turning medical questions into a complete and fast analytical process, ensuring that the medically driven result is brought back to the clinician and the patient immediately.

After studying Medicine in Freiburg and Berlin, Peter worked as a resident in Neurology at Rostock, and as a resident in Human Genetics at Tübingen since 1997. He received his board certification in Human Genetics in 2006, and heads the molecular diagnostic laboratory at the Institute of Medical Genetics and Applied Genomics at the University Hospital Tübingen. His experience ranges from medium- to high-throughput genetic analyses, including the application of next-generation sequencing in a clinical setting, genetic research in neurodegenerative disease and hereditary cancer. Peter has an extensive track record in medical and scientific publications, focusing on neurogenetics, oncogenetics, cardiogenetics, and sequencing technology. He is co-principal investigator in a large European consortium on rare neurodegenerative diseases, where he overlooks specifically gene panel, exome and genome sequencing (www.rd-neuromics.eu). Moreover, Peter is vice president of the German Society of Neurogenetics (DGNG).

Richard Stoffelen

Chief Financial Officer

Richard serves as CFO, providing international expertise in global financial topics, and leadership in the IPO plans of CENTOGENE. His experience and know-how supports CENTOGENE in its continued global growth plans. With over 25 years of experience in ...


... international leadership roles covering the full width of governance and risk concepts, his expertise, combined with his extensive change management skills, ensures the finance organization will enable the company to continue its expansive growth path.

Richard previously served as Head of Internal Audit at Holcim, a listed multinational company in Switzerland, where he was asked to lead the change of this function from a globally distributed model to a centralized, risk based, model.

From 1985 to 2013 he was active in different Audit- and Management-positions at (a.o.) KPMG, in Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. During his international audit tenure, Richard was responsible for audits of a multitude of small and large (listed on various stock exchanges, including the US) clients in a wide variety of industries, including the Pharma industry. He developed a new entity on strategic alliances, where he also provided strategy consulting services, including business planning and related funding. As Partner in Charge of one of the offices, he created values-based turn-around. Subsequently, he was HR responsible in the management team for the audit practice of KPMG NL-south. This role led to a further roll out of his management development initiatives in Hong Kong, China and Germany. Furthermore, Richard was involved in IPO`s and Bond issuances on a variety of stock exchanges. He was an active public speaker during his leadership and business development regarding the role of the China Practice, both in Hong Kong-China, and in Europe – where he led the EMA China Practice.

Richard graduated as a Dutch CPA with the NBA and Tilburg University - the Netherlands, with further executive education programs at Harvard Business School, Insead (Executive MBA), IMD and IESE.

Volkmar Weckesser, PhD

Chief Information Officer

Volkmar serves as CIO, bringing with him broad experience in planning and implementing enterprise information systems, to support both distributed and centralized business operations. His vast skill and know-how supports CENTOGENE in ...


... the global development of IT-based genetic software infrastructure and the mutation data base, CentoMD®.

With over 20 years of experience in IT, management of large transformation programs, and process optimization, he ensures that IT is a key driver for the further development of CENTOGENE.

Volkmar previously served as CIO of the Gothaer Insurance Enterprise and CEO of the incorporated Gothaer Systems GmbH, where he successfully implemented a new IT-strategy, realigned their IT-architecture, and restructured the project portfolio.

From 2009 to 2013 Volkmar was Director IT at DekaBank, guiding the modernization of the IT-systems and the establishment of new IT governance in close collaboration with all parties involved.

Prior to that, he served as Director of IT/Organization at the HSH Nordbank AG. There he focused on planning and implementation of the enterprise-wide IT-strategy. He also successfully realized the consolidation of the IT systems (post-merger IT integration) at the HSH Nordbank AG.

Volkmar started his career as a management consultant for the Mitchell Madison Group and Monitor Company.

He studied techno mathematics at the University of Karlsruhe and holds a PhD in mathematics.