Sample Requirements

Our techniques are developed for the optimal the examination of clinical materials. We are aware of the importance of these samples and pay utmost attention to their careful and sophisticated preparation in accordance with the test being conducted. Depending on which test you seek (please see the factsheets for further details), we accept the following materials:

  • EDTA blood (usually 5 ml; infants 3 ml) for NGS/Sanger panels 10 ml
  • Filtercards (usually 5 complete blood spots; for larger genes we may need more than one complete filtercard - order online or available on request from CENTOGENE by Email 
  • Purified DNA (usually 5 µg; 20 µg for NGS panels) 
  • Amniotic fluid (10 ml)
  • CVS (chorionic villi) (a minimum of 10 cleaned villi)
  • EDTA umbilical cord blood (approx. 1 ml)
  • Cultured cells (fibroblasts, chorionic villi)
    (1 flask, min. 25 cm2, 80 - 90% confluent) 
  • Biopsy material (e.g. tumor tissue) (volume 0.5 cm2)
  • Bone marrow aspirate (NH4-Heparin) (10 ml)
  • Saliva (Oragene OG-510) - available on request from CENTOGENE by Email 
  • Somatic Genomics
    › 25-50 mg of tumor-paraffin block
    › Pathology report
    › Fixation type accepted:
    10% Formalin or 4% Parafomaldehyde or Frozen tissue from OCT-Cell blocks (fresh frozen)
    Please do not send tissue fixed in Bouins or gluteraldehyde. Shipped in a sterile tube at room temperature - no cold pack required.

For more detailed information, please download our customer manual here.

Please pay attention that all clinical materials have been collected with a highest level of notice. This is of particular importance when harvesting fibroblasts, amniotic fluid or chorionic villi where also sterile environment has to be realized. 


*Please note: Prenatal testing is currently not offered in the US. Please contact us directly.

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