Charity Program

Centogene Charity Testing Program

Achieving a Positive Change in Our Patient’s Life With the Centogene Charity Testing Program

Testing for rare hereditary diseases is becoming more important but also a common diagnostic tool,
especially as newer and more effective options for the treatment of certain diseases have become available.

Most insurance carriers cover genetic testing services. But each situation is unique. If a patient is uninsured or unable to cover the costs otherwise, Centogene is offering genetic and biochemical testing at no charge on a research basis through our Centogene Charity Testing Program (CCTP).

At Centogene, we are dedicated to offer the greatest medical benefit to every patient.
This is always at the forefront of all our activities.

CCTP is a free-of-charge testing for patients who meet the criteria. To qualify for our program, the
CCTP application form has to be properly completed and submitted, along with a completed lab requisition form. Additionally, detailed clinical information must be provided together with a signed consent form that the patient agrees that Centogene is allowed to use resulting data for scientific purposes - in close collaboration with the attending physician. This data my be presented at scientific congresses or published in scientific articles in an anonymous manner to further deepen the public understanding of diagnosis and clinical treatment by interpreting the right phenotype-genotype correlation in connection. It is always Centogene’s policy to keep all data strictly confidential and protecting extensively the patient’s personal information.


*Please note: Prenatal testing is currently not offered in the US. Please contact us directly.

If you could help inducing a positive change in your patient’s life … of course you would.

If we could assist helping you … we certainly will.


A short review process by a Centogene expert committee is guaranteed to ensure that no time is lost that can seriously impact the patient’s quality of life. The attending physician as well as the health care provider will be notified about the decision. If an application is rejected or the consent will be withdrawn, all delivered information/specimen will be destroyed.

For any questions or comments arised, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.
Or simply give us a call at +49-381-203652-0 anytime.

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