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CentoMD® 3.1 - The New Release is Now Yours

Bridge the gap with CentoMD® 3.1 - providing combined genetic data and clinical information from more than 100,000 documented and curated patient cases

  • CentoMD® 3.1 is the world's largest, CE-labeled mutation database of rare diseases that bridges the gap between genetic variants and clinical information.
  • CentoMD® 3.1 is evidence-based: behind every reported variant there is a clinical case analyzed at CENTOGENE by following a standardized workflow with accredited quality.
  • With CentoMD® 3.1, physicians now have a virtual encyclopedia of genetic information at their
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Complex Genetic Data - Easily Interpreted

  • Access systematically standardized annotated genetic mutations/variants
  • Empower your interpretation of complex genetic results with 57% of unpublished, clinical relevant
  • Individualize and accelerate your clinical interpretation with straightforward queries by variant(s)
  • Understand the clinical relevance of worldwide genetic variants

Key Features

  • CentoMD® 3.1 features a comprehensive and unique repository of genetic variants including 57% of unpublished relevant variants from a worldwide cohort of patients.
  • CentoMD® 3.1 will be continuously updated with actual information on identified genetic variants. This will further help provide doctors and medical researchers alike with detailed, nearly real-time analysis on the overall frequency and clinical significance of all observed genetic variants.
  • By combining precise clinical genetic information from more than 100 countries with the actual clinical patient case corresponding to that data, CentoMD® 3.1 greatly expedites the medical interpretation of these variants.
  • Covers all types of genes (nuclear and mitochondrial) and variants (exonic, intronic, upstream,
  • Provides advanced sorting and filtering options for customized views and statistics.

CentoMD® 3.1 offers:

  •  Advanced Genotype to Phenotype and Phenotype to Genotype modules, now with access to
    ~3 million variants
    . Besides variant-based queries, you are able to perform symptoms-based queries based on Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO), which return potential candidate genes and associated variants underlying the symptoms of interest.
  • An interactive search interface: You are given the flexibility to perform searching, sorting, filtering, and access specific data contents by simple clicks.
  • Data export functions: You can export data into read-only Excel files.

Data Curation

  • Each individual is fully curated, and more than 42,000 unique variants are classified, manually curated and systematically annotated.
  • The curation process utilizes a manual expert review and confirmatory analysis of all variants entered into the CentoMD® 3.1.
  • All patient data is handled maintaining the highest regulatory guidelines (HIPPA, German Law).

Access Options

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Our free 14-day trial gives you access to over 3 million variants, full statistics and detailed description for 5 classified and curated variants. 

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