CentoCard® - our proprietary filtercard

Receiving high quality samples is critical for the genetic diagnostic process. An important consideration when requesting genetic testing is how to ensure that your patient‘s sample will reach the laboratory in good condition.
CENTOGENE has developed an easy and simple way for sending your patients' samples to us:
CentoCard® - CENTOGENE's filtercard technology.

Why not just mail patient's samples without any special handling?

We offer a unique, validated procedure to extract high-quality DNA from CentoCard® to perform any
genetic test. So far, over 1,000,000 samples have been analyzed for various genetic disorders at

  • CentoCard® is easy to handle. Samples are stable once dry and can be mailed directly to
    CENTOGENE by regular post in a pre-addressed envelope provided.
  • Samples collected on CentoCard® are not time or temperature sensitive, nor are they considered as biohazardous. They can be mailed by regular post without special declaration.
  • CentoCard® are usable for every analyses/test method

Watch the educational movie to see how CentoCard® is being handled correctly.
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