Newsletter 9/2012

Easy-to-use filter cards offer a perfect solution for genetic testing


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Genetic testing is sometimes hampered by transportation problems and storage of patient samples.

In an effort to make testing easier and more accessible, Centogene now offers PCR-analysis of every gene in our catalogue from dried blood spots (DBS) collected on filter cards. From a single filter card we can sequence small and middle-sized genes (up to 30 exons). Larger genes require one to two additional filter cards.

  • easy self-collection of blood spots – no nurse or doctor required
  • a pictogram guides patients on how to collect the blood spots
  • filter cards must be dried for at least one hour at room temperature and can then be sent  by regular mail to Centogene
  • stable at all temperatures (in climates with high humidity a plastic envelope is required for storage and posting)



To learn more about the filter cards and for free samples please contact us at our Booth #542 at the ESHG 2012, Nuremberg, Germany.

Best regards,

Doreen Niemann
Senior Director Strategic Communication
Centogene AG


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