Newsletter 7/2012

Centogene offers the widest selection of tests for genetic kidney diseases.


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Genetic kidney diseases are increasing in frequency in parallel with the improvement of molecular diagnostic platforms. Furthermore, therapeutic options have improved significantly. In the majority of patients the initial diagnosis can be difficult since the first signs may be rather non-specific: just high blood pressure, hematuria and proteinuria.

The most prevalent form of genetic kidney disease is autosomal dominant PKD1/PKD2, characterized by the presence of cysts. These cysts can slowly replace much of the parenchyma, impairing renal function and leading to end stage renal failure.

Other well-known hereditary conditions affecting the kidneys include Alport's syndrome, primary hyperoxaluria, cystinuria and several complex malformation syndromes.

Centogene has developed a broad diagnostic portfolio for clarifying the etiology of kidney dysfunction in your patient. Please, visit our home page to access the test catalogue and learn more about the tests we are offering for kidney diseases:



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