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Simplify your logistics in sending patient's samples :: global expertise with affiliations in Dubai and India

Receiving high quality samples is critical for the genetic diagnostic process. An important consideration when requesting genetic testing is how to ensure that your patient‘s sample will reach the laboratory in good condition.
Centogene offers a unique, validated procedure to extract high-quality DNA from filtercards to perform any genetic test.
So far, over 500,000 filtercard samples have been analyzed for various genetic disorders at Centogene.

Why not just mail patient's samples without any special handling?

Please refer to our information brochure for a more details (download pdf).
Contact us anytime by e-mail if you require filtercards.

Centogene insights

Global expertise with affiliations in Dubai and India

Analyzing samples from 90+ countries worldwide allows Centogene to understand and interpret genetic results in different ethnicities.
With our affiliations in Dubai and India we personally serve all your inquiries on Centogene's broad services.
Dr. Fadi Nasser, General Manager Centogene Dubai, Dr. Jenny Creed Geraghty, Scientific Director MENA and Dr. Sunil Tadepalli, General Manager of Centogene India, will be pleased to assist you with your needs.
Learn more about our experienced team of international representatives here.

Genetic insights Nephrology and Metabolics

Centogene has a particular proficiency in the diagnostics of nephrological disorders and is working on facilitating the phenotype-genotype correlation for genetic diseases to speed up the diagnostic process. For certain disorders just like polycystic kidney disease (PKD), Alport syndrome (ATS) or cystinosis, early diagnosis is critical for treatment options - we offer results you can trust to make informed decisions.
Please see our statistical data (download pdf) with genetic insights into nephrological indications.

For the improvement of the early diagnosis of rare diseases, a broad panel of different technologies is mandatory. Centogene has developed highly sophisticated combinations of enzyme and genetic tests accompanied with modern and cutting-edge biomarker assays available for a broad portfolio of lysosomal storage disorders (LSD). We are pleased to present numbers and results for the first months of 2013.
Please see our statistical data (download pdf) with genetic insights into metabolic diseases.

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