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CentoMD® :: join our satellite symposia at the ESHG in Glasgow, June 7, 2015

We are proud to announce the launch of the world's largest genetic mutation database for rare diseases, CentoMD® (download press release).

CentoMD® is a comprehensive and unique repository of genetic variants, including a huge number of unpublished pathogenic variants gathered from patients worldwide. The medical community now has a virtual encyclopedia of genetic information at their fingertips.

Diagnosing a patient with a rare disease is a complex task. The majority of detectable genetic variations and mutations have up to now not been properly described. CentoMD® fills an important gap currently existing in the clinical interpretation of novel genetic variants. Previously, it was a monumental task sifting through an enormous amount of medical data for detecting the right genotype/phenotype correlation when diagnosing rare disease cases.

By combining precise clinical genetic information from more than 90 countries with the actual clinical patient case corresponding to that data, CentoMD® greatly standardizes and expedites the medical interpretation of these variants. This of course adversely effects the quality of care medical professionals can offer their patients.

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Join our satellite symposium at this year's ESHG conference in Glasgow, June 7, 2015
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