CentoMD® 01/2015


The evaluation of unknown variants is the main challenge for every clinical interpretation of genetic results.

CentoMD®, the largest unique repository of genetic variants associated with rare diseases,
is the most powerful tool to aid you in clinically interpreting genetic variants.

Complex Genetic Data - Easily Interpreted

  • Access systematically standardized annotated genetic mutations/variants
  • Empower your interpretation of complex genetic results with more than 50% of new and unpublished variants
  • Individualize and accelerate your clinical interpretation with straightforward queries by variant(s)
  • Understand the clinical relevance of worldwide genetic variants

Key Features

  • Contains more than 1,800 genes and more than 35,000 analyzed individual patients
  • Covers all types of genes (nuclear and mitochondrial) and variants (exonic, intronic, upstream,
  • Provides population specific allele frequency
  • Includes a worldwide cohort of patients associated with rare diseases
  • Provides advanced  sorting and filtering options for customized views and statistics

Data Curation

  • Each case and confirmed genetic variant is peer-documented and systematically annotated.
  • The curation process utilizes a manual expert review and confirmatory analysis of all variants entered into the CentoMD®.
  • All patient data is handled maintaining the highest regulatory guidelines (HIPPA, German Law).

Access Options

  • Online subscription will be available April 1st, 2015
  • Please contact us for your customized subscription model of CentoMD®
  • Download information flyer here

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