CENTOGENE/Germany and ELAJ Group/Saudi-Arabia announce
strategic partnership in genetic testing services.

Centogene AG announces the exclusive strategic partnership for genetic testing in
Saudi-Arabia with ELAJ Group, the holding company of AL Borg Medical Laboratories and the Arabian Genetic Testing Company (AGTC).

The partners are starting to open a Saudi-Arabia based unique organization focused on genetic testing (“CENTOGENE ARABIA”). Both partners will work together in operating and extending the Saudi-Arabian market in a common newly founded company. The partnership will leverage CENTOGENEs intellectual property, technical and medical expertise in the area of genetic testing and medical interpretation. ELAJ Group leadership in the medical diagnostic services in Saudi Arabia and its clear presence in the field will significantly leverage the genetic services and technology infrastructure in the Saudi Arabian market through this partnership.

“Genetic and genomic testing are the fastest growing segments in laboratory medicine and form the underlying basis for 'personalized medicine'. “CENTOGENE ARABIA” will be a state-of-the-art genetic laboratory in Jeddah, enabling both partners to become the leader with a genetics diagnostic center of excellence in Saudi-Arabia.”, said Dr. Adel Abdelmagid, Director of Genetics Department and services at Al Borg Medical Laboratories.

CENTOGENE, based in Germany, is a world leader in genetic testing for inherited diseases, with the world's largest genetic testing portfolio as well as the world’s largest database of genetic mutations, (CentoMD®). CentoMD® features a comprehensive and unique repository of genetic variants including a significant number of unpublished relevant variants from a worldwide cohort of patients together with detailed clinical information.

Arndt Rolfs, CEO of CENTOGENE, yesterday stated: “CENTOGENE ARABIA" will provide medical doctors in Saudi Arabia with detailed and high-quality genetic analyses for the broadest medical and technical portfolio. Together with our international standards of ISO, CAP and CLIA we will offer together with ELAJ Group cutting-edge technologies to ease the access to genetic tests for patients in the country. We are excited to build together with our partner a leadership role in
Saudi-Arabia, in the genetic diagnostic services field including innovative newborn screening.

"Together with CENTOGENEs worldwide know-how in genetic testing and medical interpretation and ELAJ Group large network of customers ranging from patients, clinics and hospitals to health insurance and pharmaceutical companies, we are thrilled to enter this new era of service to our partners. ELAJ Group is committed to serve patients and doctors with the delivery of exceptional genetic diagnostic testing. We are excited to partner with CENTOGENE, a renowned world leader in genetic testing and medical interpretation," said Dr. Mohammed Fawaz Al Bishri - Chairman of ELAJ Group, and Al Borg Medical Laboratories.

For more information, please find the press release here.

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