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CentoMD® :: the world’s largest clinically annotated mutation database for rare diseases bridges the gap between genetic information and medical diagnosis.

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Outlook on the October 2015 release:

  • Additional > 2,000 complete WES cases including detailed clinical description based on HPO
  • More than 4 million unique variants
  • Advanced phenotype-genotype search tool which gives you the variants that are associated to a certain phenotype and the other way around
  • The re-classification rationale behind relevant variants

Find out more about the new release of WES data in CentoMD® in our flyer and join our symposium at ASHG2015.

For more information on the product please visit the CentoMD® website or download our brochure.

+++ Prof. Peter Bauer as new member in the management board at Centogene +++

Centogene is proud to announce that Prof Peter Bauer/Medical University Tübingen, Germany will join Centogene AG in January 2016 as Chief Operations Officer. With his extraordinary experience especially in the high-throughput genetic testing on the basis of Next-Generation Sequencing, Peter will be ideal for combining clinical and medical understanding in genetic testing with an excellent knowledge in laboratory techniques. Peter is passionate about turning the medical questions into a complete and fast analytical process, ensuring that the medically driven result is brought back to the clinician and the patient immediately.

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Doreen Niemann
Senior Director Strategic Communication
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