CentoMD® 3.1 encompasses more than 100,000 of curated patient cases

CENTOGENE is thrilled to announce the new
release of its genomic database CentoMD® 3.1: with combined genetic data and clinical information from more than 100,000 documented patient cases.
Explore 57% of not yet published detailed variant and individual-related data based on ~3 million
identified variants, including variants detected by whole exome sequencing.

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CentoGenome® whole genome sequencing changes the status quo of medicine

Sequencing of the genome has entered daily clinical routine when reliable and fast results are needed for rare or complex cases. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) provides the most comprehensive genetic testing available for the detection of rare, de novo genetic variants in humans with
complete coverage of copy number variations (CNV), deep intronic and regulatory regions as well as GC-rich regions.

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