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Centogene has a particular proficiency in the diagnostics of nephrological disorders and is working on
facilitating the phenotype-genotype correlation for genetic diseases to speed up the diagnostic process.
For certain disorders just like polycystic kidney disease (PKD), Alport syndrome (ATS) or cystinosis,
early diagnosis is critical for treatment options
- we offer results you can trust to make informed


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"Genetic insights into Genetic insights into Polycystic Kidney Disease, Alport Syndrome and Cystinosis".




CENTOGENE‘s work does not end with the identification of the genetic mutation behind a particular disorder. Our self-conception leads to comprehensive interpretation of medical results and case-to-case consultation whenever it is needed.

Prof. Arndt Rolfs, MD Chief Executive Officer



Our Department Medical Quality and Counseling for your communication - with detailed medical-genetic expertise.

Our Department Medical Quality and Counseling
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