CentoU - Unique Universal United


CentoU® is a patient-dedicated initiative from CENTOGENE to put the patient first. Our mission is to ensure each patient access to decision making information about genetic disorders, privacy protection regarding their needs and to gain control over their health.

CentoU® offers you:

CentoU® aims to make Unique genetic services Universally available for all patients and their families to Unite and benefit from our expertise. The goal of CentoU® is to empower yoU with medical knowledge and decision making knowhow.

For any questions or comments you may have, please contact us anytime:

Email: crd(at)centogene(dot)com

Take the chance - Embrace the power of CentoU - for the peace of mind for you and your family

Anne-Marie Neumann International Communication Manager

How do we care?

CENTOGENE is dedicated to its social obligation; undertaking active and sustainable steps to make the world a better place. As a global leader in the field of clinical genetic diagnostics and interpretation of hereditary diseases, the patient´s well being is within our hearts.

CENTOGENE´s daily routine encompasses not only diagnostics but our patients and patient advocate organisations globally. Our goal is to make their options clearer and to let them know:

You are not alone - CENTOGENE cares about yoU and yoUr family!

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