Somatic Mutation Panel

Identifying Somatic Mutations for Tumor Profiling

Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes code for proteins that control strategic points regarding proliferation and cellular differentiation.
Mutations in these genes can produce miss-regulations of the aforementioned control points, giving rise to immortal cells able to avoid apoptosis and drive cancer progression. Every cancer cell has its own pattern of mutated genes. This results in each cancer case having a different diagnosis, prognosis and treatment response, making patient care challenging.

Somatic mutation testing is of enormous help for survival and life-quality of cancer-affected patients and their families. The detection of certain mutations and the specific number of gene variants or mutation copies within a particular sample could be an indicator for several important issues:

  • Information about anti-tumour treatment efficiency
  • Prognostic information, with the estimation about disease progression
  • Survival rate

What are the advantages of our oncogenetic panels?

  • Excellent tumour profiling by/through most advanced NGS technology
  • Short turnaround time (10 days)
  • Highest level of quality/accuracy
  • Attractive prices
  • Experienced medical expertise in the interpretation of complicated cases
  • CAP and CLIA and ISO certification and accreditation

Discover our oncogenetic panels:

  • Cancer Hotspots Panel – targets the 2800 most common cancer causing mutations in the 49 most common cancer causing genes
  • Solid Tumor Panel – covers the 26 most important genes and more than 1000 mutations associated with solid tumours
  • Myeloid Tumor Panel - Covers 54 of the most important genes and more than 1000 mutations
    associated with myeloid tumor

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