The Tailored Microarray Solution For Analysis of Chromosomal and Sub-Chromosomal Abnormalities Associated with Tumor Development

Copy number aberrations for more and more genes are now being documented in tumors; the number and type of aberration have been shown to be diagnostic as well as prognostic. CentoArrayOnco™ delivers high resolution analysis of ̴900 genes involved in tumor progression. Additional backbone probes spread across the genome provide accurate determination of larger aneuploidies, while specific probes for detecting actionable mutations assist in using this product as a stand alone test for somatic mutation analysis in tumor samples.

CentoArrayOnco™ - Key Features

  • High coverage of oncogenes and tumor related genes (232 oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes are covered at 50 kb resolution, 659 cancer-associated genes are covered at 50-110 kb resolution and
    backbone probes covers the genome at 380 kb resolution).
  • High sensitivity to detect CNVs (up to 10 copies)
  • 74 actionable point mutations are detected down to 20% presence in the sample
  • Molecular inversion probe technology increases diagnostic accuracy even when using limited amounts of highly modified DNA from FFPE-preserved solid tumor samples of various ages
  • An impressive TAT of 15 working days

Sample requirements

  • ≥ 1µg DNA isolated from material enriched with at least 20% tumor, or
  • at least 10 FFPE section of thickness 5-10 µm, or equivalent, with areas of enriched tumor clearly marked, or
  • 20-50 mg of FFPE block with areas of tumor clearly marked

NB. All tumor material must be accompanied by a pathology report.

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When to recommend CentoArrayOnco™

  • To screen for actionable somatic mutations, LOH along with genome-wide aneuploidies
  • To monitor treatment response through detection of aberrations in sub-clones and assessment of clonal evolution

Please contact our specialist medical team for more specific information. They are more than happy to
assist you to quickly determine the best solution for your specific needs.


Please note: Prenatal testing is not offered in the US.

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