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Sales Team MENA

Sarah Chahine PhD

General Manager MENA

Sarah Chahine is an international scientist with extensive
experience in molecular genetics/genomics. She did her PhD at McMaster University in Canada, where she designed, executed, statistically analyzed and presented findings on the mechanisms of methotrexate secretion and detoxification by renal excretory system.


Omar Abu Adas Blanco MD

Strategic Regional Sales Manager MENA

Omar Abu Adas Blanco is a clinical and molecular medicine
professional with experience in project coordination, execution, molecular diagnostic services, and biotechnology research and development. Omar graduated at the Saint Matthew’s University; Cayman Islands, British West Indies and obtained his Master of Sciences; MSc. in Molecular Diagnostics at the University of


Boutros Maroun

Country Manager Saudi Arabia

Boutros Maroun is a medical geneticist with extensive experience in human genetics, genetic counseling, cytogenetics and
molecular biology. Boutros Graduated with an MSc degree in medical genetics from UCL (university colleague London) and a BSc in biology from Balamand University in Lebanon.


Ameen Al Refai

Country Manager Qatar

Ameen is a scientist with focus on Molecular Biology and
Cytogenetics. He graduated from AL ISRA University in Jordan with BSc in medical technologies then pursed ASCP (CG)
certification in cytogenetics. He has been in the Saudi market for 18 years where he worked with one of the biggest Hospitals such as King Fahd Specialist Hospital.


Carine Tabet

Regional Manager MENA

Carine Tabet joined CENTOGENE in 2012, working within an
environment that offers the opportunity and the scope to develop develop the regional experience cumulated over the years.
With this deep knowlegde and understanding of particular local needs, Carine takes care of Introducing CENTOGENE in the MENA countries – Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Bahrain, communicating with health care authorities with respect to
services provided for rare diseases in the MENA region.


Sarah Tirsatine

Regional Manager North Africa

Sarah Tirsatine joined CENTOGENE as Regional Manager
North Africa as of August 2016. She received her doctorate of Pharmacy from the Faculty of pharmacy of the university of medicine, Algiers, ALG. She has more than 10 years of solid
experience in pharmaceutical and biotech industry in Sales,
Marketing & Business Development areas with proven strength in strategic planing and market access.

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