Centogene Headquarter

Executive Board

Prof. Arndt Rolfs MD

Chief Executive Officer

Arndt Rolfs, Professor for Neurology and Psychiatry at the
University of Rostock, Germany and head of the Albrecht-Kossel-Institute for Neuroregeneration, has been designated CEO of
CENTOGENE, effective June 1, 2014. His extensive medical and
scientific expertise will further the growth of CENTOGENE.


Prof. Peter Bauer MD

Chief Operating Officer

Peter joined CENTOGENE January 1, 2016 as Chief Operating Officer. With his extraordinary experience especially in the high-throughput genetic testing on the basis of Next-Generation Sequencing, Peter will be ideal for combining clinical and medical understanding in genetic testing with an excellent knowledge in laboratory techniques. 


Richard Stoffelen

Chief Financial Officer

Richard joined CENTOGENE April 1, 2016, providing international expertise in global financial topics and leadership in the IPO plans of CENTOGENE. His experience and know-how will support CENTOGENE in its' further global Growth Plans.


Volkmar Weckesser PhD

Chief Information Officer

Volkmar joined CENTOGENE on June 1, 2016, bringing with him broad experience in planning and implementing enterprise
information systems to support both distributed and centralized business operations. His vast skill and know-how will support CENTOGENE in the global development of IT based genetic
software infrastructure and the mutation data base, CentoMD®.

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