Our Rare Disease Day

Supporting Patients and Self-Help Organizations at the Rare Disease Day

The annual “Rare Disease Day” is celebrated internationally on the last day in February with various events. The motto this year, which marks the ninth time the event is held, is “Patient Voice”– because the central role is that of the patients themselves, their needs, and ways of improving day-to-day life for families and caregivers, who often face incredibly difficult hurdles.

To support the upcoming international “Rare Disease Day” being held on February 28, 2016, CENTOGENE is once again showing its support of patients and self-help organizations. On this day, from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. there will be a benefit event held at the public ice rink in Rostock. Admission is free, and for every kilometer you skate the company will donate 1 Euro for a good cause.

“CENTOGENE conducts research and diagnosis rare diseases worldwide,” says Professor Arndt Rolfs, CEO CENTOGENE. “We aspire to be a company that acts globally but is also tied to regional issues, and this benefit day will help make the public more aware of ‘rare diseases’ which are, often enough, not that rare at all. At the same time we have a huge social obligation and want to support the self-help
organizations for patients and promote their valuable work.”

In 2015 CENTOGENE sponsored a donation drive held at Rostock’s central track and field stadium, with roughly 600 participants. “This enormous level of interest showed us that there are many people who
consciously want to find out more about rare, genetic diseases and that they know the important roles that research and special aide play for those affected,” said Doreen Niemann, Senior Director of Strategic

The European Union views a disease as being “rare” if there are no more than five cases per 10,000 people. Rare diseases can often be fatal or can involve chronic disability. According to EU expert estimates,
between 27 and 36 million people suffer from rare diseases, about four million of them in Germany.



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