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The Aim of Our Daily Work - Improving The Process of Diagnosis Making For Our Patients

In the 21st century, companies feel more than ever a need to assume social responsibility and to give
something back the society.

Centogene knows its social obligation and is undertaking active and sustainable steps to make the world a better place. As a global leader in the field of clinical genetic diagnostics and interpretation of rare
diseases, the health of the people is lying to our very hearts.

Many people worldwide suffer from rare genetic diseases, but down to the present day the diagnosis comes all too often too late for the patient. As a company with the focus on this subject we are working every day to improve the process of diagnosis making. Besides our daily working routine we are supporting patients and patient organizations worldwide, which have to deal with this difficult matter to make their lives a little bit easier and let them know: You are not alone!

19th Entrepreneur‘s Ceremony in Rostock

CENTOGENE was honored at the 19th Entrepreneur‘s Ceremony for outstanding achievements and
exceptional dedication for the image promotion of Rostock. The ceremony took place at the townhall
April 15th, 2016.

Mecklenburg-West Pomerania’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Harry Glawe, emphasized that all awardees are carrying a special responsibility for employees and business partners.

The award was handed over by the chairman of the Unternehmerverband Vorpommern e.V. 


We support :: Organization for Rare Diseases India (ORDI)

ORDI is a very young organization. Founded just recently, in February 2014, the organization was founded and advised by distinguished leaders from healthcare and medicine, physicians, government bodies and NGO’s in New Delhi.

70 million Indians suffer from a rare disease – that means one out of 20 Indians is hit. Most of them experience long delays in diagnosis and management due to lack of awareness of these conditions even amongst the medical community. Those patients are affected with one of more than seven thousand rare diseases. Dr. Vijay Chandru, founding member of ORDI, explains: “There is a genetic origin for at least
80 % of rare diseases and in 50 % of the cases the onset occurs in childhood”.

With the help of Centogene ORDI can provide help and support for families and patients in need. As they say: “ORDI’s mission is to be the collective voice of every rare disease patient, family member, and healthcare professionals in India by pooling together expertise, efforts, and resources to help early diagnosis, treatment and management of rare diseases in India”.

For more information about the work of ORDI, please contact Prasanna Shirol or visit ORDI Website at http://www.ordindia.org

We support :: Rare Disease Society of South Africa

"What began as a simple challenge amongst friends and family to raise awareness of Pompe Disease using the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge as a platform, has evolved into charity initiative which seeks to help as many children and adults with rare conditions. Pedalling 4 Pompe is the main fundraising event for the Rare Disease Society of South Africa.

The Momentum 947 is a 95km race, and is the second largest cycle race in the world.

This year, we had a team of almost 200 cyclists hitting the road to assist us in raising awareness and funds for rare disease patients across the country.

All funds raised are used to assist patient’s access treatment, supportive care and relevant therapies for improved quality of life.

With the generous support of Centogene and other various companies, organizations and members of the public, we managed to raise over R 450.000 for our patients."

Text and pictures: Kelly Du Plessis Founder and Chairperson Rare Disease Society of South Africa

For more information about the work of the Rare Disease Society of South Africa visit

We support :: The Niemann-Pick Support Group

The Niemann-Pick disease belongs to the rare genetic diseases. Niemann-Pick disease is a metabolic
disease, who leads to the dying of body cells. Especially neuro cells in the brain are affected. Until now there is no or no effective cure. And what is also important, every single year without a diagnosis means a lost year. Those patients who suffer from Niemann-Pick are losing their ability to do the things they already done. Mostly the development of the patients goes backwards and the once acquired skills will be lost again – until complete disability.

The Niemann-Pick Support Group in Germany was founded in April 1997. Parents, clinicians and interested persons are members of the group. As they say, you can’t take away the emotional burden of all persons concerned, nonetheless the communication with other parents and families helps to avoid despair and

With the help of Centogene the Niemann-Pick Support Group is able to help parents and families and support them in their daily lives. The group is engaged in an active dialog with decision and policy makers, managing directors, clinicians and healthcare leaders.

For more information about the work of Niemann-Pick Support Group, visit the website:

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