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Centogene collaborates with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

The Centre of Medical Genetics (CMG) was established at New Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in 1997. CMG is now a leading centre for genetic services in India. Patients are referred for genetic counseling and testing from all over India, as well as from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and UAE. At the CMG, a group of specialists under the guidance of Dr I. C. Verma continuously strive for excellence in counseling, management, testing and prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders. They are committed to compassionate patient care, accurate and timely performance of tests, whilst generating new knowledge in the field of genetic disorders in India.

The scope of our partnership agreement is wide-ranging and encompasses clinical genetic diagnostics,
including whole exome/genome sequencing, research into genetic variability and disease associations in the Indian populations. Furthermore, our initiative will also focus on education for clinicians in this rapidly evolving field of genetic medicine.

Please find detailed information in our press release or visit www.sgrh.com.

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