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Centogene AG and Genetiks are pleased to announce a strategic partnership

Centogene AG, Germany, and Genetiks, Turkey, are pleased to
announce a strategic partnership. The objective of this collaboration is to address an unmet patient need for genetic testing. CENTOGENE’s global expertise in professional diagnostic testing services will partner with Genetiks‘ local expertise and targeted focus. This collaboration enables both companies to accelerate the diagnostic process and providing a profound decision basis for treatment options.

Genetiks was founded in 2006 to implement developments in the field of genetics concurrently with the World and it also aims at providing qualified and reliable services with its professional staff as well as
performing a constant progress in the field. In addition to prenatal and postnatal tests, it also serves the
applicants for preimplantation tests as well. Genetiks particularly has remarkable experiences in
preimplantation genetic diagnosis, oncology, and pharmacogenetic tests and not only Turkey but also more than 10 countries are in its service coverage. Another function of our center is to collaborate with worldwide genetic diagnosis centers to help both clinicians and patients diagnose the challenging rare genetic


Please visit Genetiks´ website or contact us for further information.

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