CentoAcademy™ - WES Workshop 2016

Don’t miss the chance to participate in CENTOGENE’s CME accredited
Master Course Series 2016.
Gain deep insights into the workflow and clinical relevance of whole exome sequencing (WES).

Seize this unique opportunity to analyze and interpret the data obtained from a sample of your choosing. Benefit from a comprehensive hands-on training and meet our medical experts. Learn how to master the challenges of genetic testing in the era of whole exome and whole genome sequencing: There is no better cure than the the right diagnosis.

Workshop outline

When : November 7-9, 2016

Where: Rostock, Germany

Who: Leading professionals who want to stay on the cutting edge in genetics

Learning objectives

  • Gain deep insights about the whole exome sequencing workflow and its clinical relevance
  • Use the unique opportunity to discuss with our experts and exchange with others from the field
  • Learn about global best practices and research innovations
  • Benefit from hands-on experience
  • Utilize and multiply the knowledge obtained in your future work with the accompanying workshop

Topics covered

  • How to perform WES analysis in a laboratory?
  • How to analyze WES raw data – bioinformatics?
  • How to analyze WES results in the light of clinical information?
  • How to issue a WES clinical report?



2,250 EUR

Participants are encouraged to send a sample for a WES TRIO analysis which is covered within the fee and will be subject for the individualized analysis for each participant within the workshop;
analyze and interpret the data obtained from your own sample.
Details will be communicated shortly.

That´s what our participants think

I am an experienced neurogeneticist, and moved back to Lebanon from the US wanting to make a
difference in the diagnosis, care and prevention of recurring neurogenetic disorders in the Lebanese.

Alas, I was only partially successful, sometimes suspecting certain diagnoses, and caring for these kids to the best of my ability. I suspected rare diagnoses, but could rarely prove them and felt particularly frustrated when a second case recurred in the same family. 

This was the case up to 2013 (i.e. BC or Before CentoGene).

And then there was light, and, life began again (i.e. AC or After Centogene).

My positive diagnostic rate has gone up from 15% using just CGH microarray to 80% using targeted
sequencing and whole exome sequencing.

I am now able to do proper, informed genetic counseling.  Parents can finally stop searching for a diagnosis and answer the painful question …..’but what does my child actually have?’

More importantly, we have helped at least a half dozen families in 2015 go through successful pregnancies and birth of healthy babies, worry-free, anticipating happy outcomes.

Together with Centogene, we have prevented the recurrence of a case of metachromatic leukodystrophy, another with familial spastic paraplegia 15, CLN2 disease or late infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses, and the list goes on. It may seem like a drop in the bucket to you, but it means the world for families
concerned. None of this would have been remotely possible without the excellent diagnostic services and thorough follow-up provided by the scientists and clinicians at Centogene.

The icing on the cake was visiting Centogene in Rostock. I attended the outstanding WES master class at CentoAcademy.  There, I had the privilege of accompanying the voyage of lonely blood spots from a
distraught family in Lebanon, to DNA extraction, whole exome sequencing, and state of the art
bioinformatic analysis, and finally, accurate diagnosis. 

 I interacted with wonderful human beings, outstanding teachers, scientists and clinicians at Centogene who generously shared their time, theoretical and applied knowledge and skills. Attending this master class should be imperative for anyone in the field of neurology and genetics. I recommend it highly.

Rose-Mary Boustany



Rose-Mary Boustany, Professor of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, American University of Beirut
Medical Center
Beirut, January 2016

Course Terms

Workshop fee
Workshop fee includes drinks, refreshments and lunch. Fee does not include VAT, travel costs and

Payment terms
Payment has to be made via credit card in advance or within the due date of the invoice after confirmation of participation.

Cancellation policy
We reserve the right to cancel the course a month from beforehand. Should this happen, you would have your choice of a full refund or enrollment in a future class. Participant's cancellation: full refunds are
provided up to 2 weeks before your class starts. No refunds after the class starts.

Please Note
We reserve the right to refuse entry to our course should we consider there to be a conflict of commercial interests.

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