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CENTOGENE delivers care and value for each rare disease patient by virtue of our deep-rooted global

CENTOGENE builds the bridge between the technical aspects of genetic testing and medical interpretation of the data.

CENTOGENE is in a unique position to complete the equation between diagnostics and therapy in the rare disease space, gaining momentum towards the most effective personal treatment.

We analyze samples from over 90 countries worldwide across a test portfolio including more than 2,800 genes and more than 6,000 tests. Describing the mutation and diagnosing the disease is no longer the paramount objective. We believe that early detection with personalized and focused therapy is the real
benefit for each patient. That´s why at CENTOGENE, each test and testing strategy can be tailored to the individual patient through consultation with our independent medical experts who are happy to discuss
differential diagnoses and available treatment options.

CENTOGENE’s ethos is captured in the quote by Leonardo da Vinci “Details make perfection, and
perfection is not a detail.” We constantly strive to improve and strengthen the company from within by
focusing on staff training and a dynamic work environment that engages various national and international research projects, plus numerous international collaborations with academic and industrial partners. Our backbone is a highly skilled workforce driving us to remain at the cutting edge of diagnostic techniques and technologies, to develop novel highly specific and sensitive biomarkers, and push back the frontiers of
variant classification. In the background, constant validation and accreditation according to national and
international guidelines ensures the highest medical standards and reliable results for patients.

CENTOGENE’s proficiency in rare diseases encompasses the translation of scientific discoveries into novel molecular tests in a quest to find complete solutions for your rare disease diagnostics.
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We constantly participate in the international external quality
assessment of the European Molecular Biology Quality Network (EMQN).

Centogene :: valuable diagnostic analyses just as your patients are.



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