CentoMD® 3.0: Discover a completely updated version

With the new release of CentoMD® 3.0, the medical community now has access to an advanced
Phenotype-to-Genotype module that enables symptoms-based queries and returns candidate genes as well as associated variants underlying
the symptoms of interest.
Vice versa, the Genotype-to-Phenotype module provides an interactive search interface to select and filter through genes, transcripts, variants.
Explore 56% of not yet published detailed variant and individual-related data based on ~2.2 million classified variants, including variants detected by whole exome sequencing.

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CentoXome®: Highest medical quality at the most attractive price

Making genetic testing of the highest quality
universally available is a top priority for us.
In the medical diagnostic process, informed
decision-making can have a critical impact on the patient´s life.
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