CentoMD® 2.2: Discover the unique phenotype-genotype search tool

With the recent release of CentoMD® 2.2, the world’s largest mutation database for rare diseases, CENTOGENE has continued to bridge the gap
between genetic variants and clinical interpretation.
CentoMD® 2.2 adds an advanced phenotype-genotype search tool based on the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO). This allows you to perform not only mutation-based queries but also symptoms-based queries, which return variants detected in cases with similar phenotypes and
accurate global allele frequencies.
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CentoXome®: Highest medical quality at the most attractive price

Making genetic testing of the highest quality
universally available is a top priority for us.
In the medical diagnostic process, informed
decision-making can have a critical impact on the patient´s life.
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